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So much institutional knowledge transfer happens in Slack. KB Clip is a magic shortcut to turn a conversation into a FAQ entry, wiki page or KB (Knowledge Base) article.

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Institutional Knowledge is Ephemeral in Slack

Are you seeing the same questions asked over and over? Can't find or even see older messages? Make it last with Use shortcuts and slash commands to quickly capture any conversation.

Clip important information using the KB Clip Slack App

Use our shortcuts and slash commands to quickly turn important information into a searchable Knowledge base or FAQ page.

Native Slack App Integration
Installs in seconds. Usage is familiar and discoverable with slash commands, shortcuts and an app home tab.
Create KB Pages or FAQ entries
Create KB Pages or FAQ entries in seconds.

Select the most relevant messages

Keep your pages clean. We love a good pun, joke or gif, but not every KB page needs them.

Creation is easy
Most KB tools aren't utilized because content creation is too cumbersome. KB Clip makes page creation so easy, you never need to leave Slack.
Private KB Pages
By default, all pages are restricted to members of your Slack community. You can log in with your Slack credentials using "Sign in with Slack". KB Clip never sees your passwords.
Export to your existing KB solution Coming soon!
Teams and workspaces on the Pro or higher plans will be able to export to an existing KB or wiki.

Your information is stored, searchable, editable and organized

Unlike Slack conversations, this info won't automatically disappear after 10,000 messages.

Teams and workspaces on the Pro or higher plans will be able to export to an existing KB or wiki solution.

Organize pages further with tags. Make search more relevant and easier for anyone looking for information.
Favorites and Bookmarks
Keep your favorite or most useful informaiton nearby and easy to access.
Editors Welcome
We make content creation easy, but team members can update information on any page they have access to.
Share only what you want
Want to share a page with the outside world? You can do that. We make it easy to do, but not easy to do on accident. User names are anonymized and individual privacy is maintained.

Rapid Knowledge Capture

Information is generated on chat platforms.

Capture it at the source.

Slack, Teams and other chat platforms are important for communication. Yet in every community, you will see same or similar questions being answered more than once.

Most knowledge base platforms are underutilized. There are not enough information creators. By making content creation easy and nearly instant, you shift the burden from creating content to discovery.


Conversations are automatically organized by channel, but add tags to categorize for even better discovery.


Search for the information you need in without leaving slack using our slash commands or find and search for infomation on


Information saved in KB Clip doesn't disappear after 10,000 messages.


Don't let your information go stale! Add and update information to any page when you need to.


Star your favorite, most useful or most often used conversations and pages.


Any page that you'd like to be kept up to date? Subscribe to change notificaitons.


Your members can flag a page as helpful or not. Use this information to notify people who know that a page needs updating or improvements.

Access Control

As part of our pro plans, control access to pages. Make them public or private. Private pages can be further restricted based on a user's permission in Slack.

Pricing plans

All plans feature a 30 day refund policy.


$99 /month

per 200 users


  • Clip unlimited conversations
  • Integrated search via the /kb command
  • User Bios


$249 /month

per 200 users


  • All Premium Features
  • Export Conversations to external KB/wikis
  • Enhanced support and SLAs
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$599 /month

per 200 users


  • All Pro Features
  • Support for Enterprise Slack workspaces
  • Fine-grained privacy control
  • Custom integrations
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Are you a free community, academic institution, open source community, or agency? Contact Us to apply for free or discounted plans.

What's a user?

On the Premium plan, we count any user who has used KB Clip within the Slack environment or logged into KB Clip website in determining monthly usage.

On the Pro and Enterprise plans, we count all active users of the Slack workspace.

I’m jazzed for this. My work and personal Slacks could both make heavy use of this, I assume everyone else would, too.

Jim Kubicek
Data Engineering Manager, SF Bay Area

I don’t think I realized the power of this until just now.

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